About us

LE Wales is a consultancy providing economic and policy advice to clients based in Wales, and is a trade name of London Economics Limited. Our consultants offer a comprehensive range of skills, covering all aspects of economic and financial analysis and policy development.

Areas we work in

We provide services in the following fields:

  • policy design and analysis
  • evidence reviews
  • regulatory impact assessments
  • cost benefit analysis
  • survey design
  • primary qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis
  • data merging and data matching
  • secondary analysis of large scale and complex data sets
  • cost benefit analysis
  • sophisticated econometric and statistical analysis
  • qualitative analysis
  • project management of complex research
  • projects covering more than one country, and
  • ministerial and senior executive briefing

Our capacity

Our team is comprised of skilled economists, benefiting from rigorous intellectual backgrounds. All our senior economic consultants possess postgraduate economics degrees from leading universities, and have a wealth of academic and practical experience. LE Wales are able to combine academic rigour and expert contract management to provide our clients with appropriate support to meet the needs of policy makers and other relevant stakeholders.

All individuals within the firm are highly trained in all aspects of economic analysis, all have strong qualitative and/or quantitative and statistical skills and most have contributed to projects within the public policy arena.

We use state of the art econometric and statistical hardware and software. This allows us to analyse larger datasets (and merge independently large datasets), as well as run more sophisticated econometrics and statistical analysis. The analytical work we do often sets the benchmark for subsequent analyses in the field.

Company Details

London Economics Ltd is a UK registered private limited company – (GB) 4083204.