The economic and social impact of Cardiff University in 2020-21

Sector: Economics of Education
Client: Cardiff University
Published: October, 2022
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London Economics were commissioned to assess the economic and social impact of Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, focusing on the 2020-21 academic year.

The total economic impact on the UK economy associated with Cardiff University’s activities in 2020-21 was estimated at approximately £3.678 billion. Compared to Cardiff University’s total operational costs of approximately £573 million in 2020-21, this corresponds to a benefit to cost ratio of 6.4:1. This compares to an average benefit-to-cost ratio among Russell Group institutions of approximately 5.5:1 and corresponds to a 6% increase in Cardiff University’s impact since 2016-17 (on a comparable basis, in real terms). In terms of the components of this impact:

  • Cardiff University’s research and knowledge exchange activities accounted for £831 million (23%) of this impact;
  • The value of Cardiff University’s teaching and learning activities stood at £1,223 million (33%);
  • The impact of Cardiff University’s educational exports was estimated at £655 million (18%); and
  • The impact generated by the operating and capital spending of Cardiff University stood at £970 million (26%).